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Maiden Therapeutics

Maiden Therapeutics, one of the Esco Ventures X portfolio companies, is undergoing incorporation.Maiden is a drug discovery platform company, has developed a proprietary approach, through the Human Microbiome MedicinesTM (HMMTM) discovery platform, to culture the human milk microbiome and interrogate the microbiome-derived chemical space to probe multiple molecular targets of disease indications. The molecular blueprint of the human microbiome is reveled and aimed at multi-disease molecular targets.

The concept and technology at Maiden Therapeutics was conceived by Dr. Damien Keogh (CEO & Co-Founder) who has been working at ESCO Ventures X as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. The science team in Singapore consists of Chen Siyi (Senior Scientist) and Nicole Gunawan (Project Scientist). The Scientific Advisory Board is made up of Prof. Kim Lewis & Dr. Terence A. Kelly.

Prof. Kim Lewis

Scientific Advisor

  • Distinguished Professor at Northeastern University, Massachusetts, Boston

  • Previous appointments at MIT & Tuffs Universities.

  • Expertise in microbiology, uncultured bacteria, drug discovery.

  • In 2015, Prof. Lewis discoered a new class of antimicrobials called Teixobactin using a novel technique to culture undiscovered bacteria

Dr. Terence A. Kelly

Scientific Advisor

  • Scientific leadeer with both Pharma and Biotech experience and a track record of delivering high quality compounds into advanced clinical studies

  • Weel-versed in chemistry, disease biology and the enabling technologies needed for innovative and efficient drug discovery from lead identification through clinical development

  • In particular, he has extensive hands-on drug discovery and development experience in inflammation, Cardiovascular and CNS disorders

  • Has served a a Director of Cardax, Inc. since June 2014 and had served in senior roles at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals for almost 20 years

Maiden Therapeutics focuses on the Asian microbiome, largely underrepresented in human microbiome studies but providing potential for greater diversity in this space. With Maiden's collaborators at KKH Women's & Children's Hospital in Singapore and the Asian Hospital Medical Center and St Luke's Medical Center in Manila, Philippines, 200 donor patients are providing samples to support the work.

To find out more about Maiden Therapeutics, please visit: