Carmentix and the University of Melbourne Announce "Preterm Birth Biomarker Discovery" Initiative

Carmentix Private Limited (“Carmentix”) and the University of Melbourne are proud to announce the “Preterm Birth Biomarker Discovery” initiative.

The aim of this collaborative clinical study is to validate novel biomarkers discovered by Carmentix and biomarkers previously discovered and validated at the University of Melbourne in a combined panel and to assess the risk for preterm birth as early as 20 weeks of gestation.

The retrospective study led by Dr. Harry Georgiou, PhD and Dr. Megan Di Quinzio, MD at the University of Melbourne will validate the statistical strength of the novel biomarker panel.

“Carmentix is excited to begin this collaboration, as we are keen to further develop the biomarkers discovered on our unique data mining platform” said Dr. Nir Arbel, CEO Carmentix. “If validated, this new panel of biomarkers may shed hope to significantly reduce the number of preterm birth cases at a global scale.”

Clinical Obstetrician and researcher, Dr Di Quinzio frequently sees mothers asking “why was my baby born prematurely?” There is often no satisfactory answer.

“Preterm birth continues to be a global health problem but sadly, reliable diagnostic tools are lacking” said Dr Georgiou, scientific leader at the University of Melbourne. “This collaborative initiative with a strong commercial partner will help pave the way for a novel approach to better diagnosis and hopefully the prevention of preterm labour.”

About Carmentix

Carmentix is an Esco Ventures backed startup company based in Singapore. Carmentix is developing a novel biomarker prognostic panel for preterm birth determined to significantly reduce the numbers of preterm birth in the global setting by establishing biomolecular tools that will alert clinicians for the risk of preterm birth weeks before symptoms occur.

Carmentix`s technology relies on a multiple pathway analysis utilizing a unique panel of biomarkers. This panel of proprietary markers will allow the early prediction of preterm as early as 16-20 weeks of gestation, anticipating a high accuracy predictive algorithm due to its coverage of bottleneck molecular process involved in preterm birth. Carmentix’ goal is to achieve a cost effective solution that would be robust and accurate, and will accommodate the majority of clinical settings worldwide.

About the University of Melbourne and our commercialisation initiatives

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s best and one of the world’s leading universities. As an R&D hub with world-leading specialists in science, technology and medicine, Melbourne undertakes cutting-edge research to create new ways of thinking, new technology and new expertise to build a better future.

World-class research, real-world solutions: The University of Melbourne embraces a culture of innovation – working with industry, government, non-governmental organisations and the community to solve real-world challenges. Our commercial partnerships bring research to life through collaboration in areas of bio-engineering, materials development, medical technology innovation, community capacity development and cultural entrepreneurship.

Some of the ground-breaking commercialised technology created at the University of Melbourne includes the cochlear implant, the stentrode (a device that delivers mind control over computers, robotic limbs or exoskeletons), and novel anti-fibrotic drug candidates for the treatment of the fibrosis (prevalent in such chronic conditions as chronic kidney disease, chronic heart failure, pulmonary fibrosis and arthritis).

The University of Melbourne is closely partnered with the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, CSIRO, CSL, and The Royal Melbourne, Royal Children’s and Royal Women’s Hospitals.

With over 160 years of leadership in education and research, the University responds to immediate and future challenges facing our society through innovation in research.

The University of Melbourne is No. 1 in Australia and 31 in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015–2016).



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